Surfing in Nova Scotia began in the early sixties when a small group of Americans would get together every summer and surf the endless point breaks found on the jagged coastline of our province. Back then wetsuits were thick and heavy, and surfing was only possible in the summertime. However since then, wetsuits have become thinner, lighter, and warmer, and now it is a year round sport in Nova Scotia. Although there are many more surfers then ever before, It is still very possible to get a wave to yourself here in NS. The popular waves are found near Halifax, while most beginners head to Lawrencetown beach and the more advance head to Cow bay. This is just a taste of the spots found along the Atlantic facing coastline of our province. There are endless secret spots, and to be named so, will remain secret. However it can be mentioned that waves are found from the tip of Cape Breton to the Tailpipe of Nova Scotia (Yarmouth). In order to discover these waves, one must dig out an Atlas, and cross reference the current conditions with the atlas, hoping to score that “perfect wave”.
The lifestyle of surfing is quite amazing, in fact any surfer will agree that it is unlike any other sport in the world. It has been looked at religiously, spiritually, and as a drug. Many surfers will agree that it is similar to joining the Mob, once your in, you’ll never get out, and your life will be shaped by it. Personally speaking, It is unlike any sport I have ever been involved with. If I don’t surf for an extended period of time, I get anxious and agitated, craving that sense of peace and tranquility. It is challenging, and perhaps thats what brings surfers back to the ocean time and time again, because there is always room to improve, no matter how good you are.
As mentioned previously I began my surfing adventure in 2006 right here in Nova Scotia. Since then I have surfed in Costa Rica, North Carolina, New York and  Peniche, Portugal. Surfing these destinations is always a treat, however I’m always thinking about what the long point breaks are doing back home. I’m hoping to get some good shots this winter season as well as one or two videos, not only to illustrate my surfing but also to show the beautiful landscapes and untouched nature of our beautiful province.


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