About OBA

One Block Away is a collective project based out of Wolfville, Nova Scotia. The name defines our project “base” on hillside ave, one block away from campus, downtown, uptown.. you get the point. The fine gentleman that have come together on this have different experience levels in all different sports, but we all share an equal passion to learn and improve in others passions. The majority of the footage coming from us will be Snowboarding, Surfing  and Skateboarding (both downhill and flat). That’s not to say we wont throw in a couple party edits from 1A  or some random drift edits..

Here’s what a couple of the boys (somewhat reluctantly) had to say:

What is OBA?

Jordan Newcombe:

“this is brutal this doesn’t even make sense, I don’t know how to answer that question.. what it is? plain and simple. A website to show a wide range of action sports as well as music we like, art we like, tons of crazy shit.”

JR Murphy:

“Hopefully when people  spread our stuff and are like oh that’s cool shit, were just a bunch of buddies doing all kinds of sports and thats what it is. Nothing more nothing less.” …”Scratch that dude.” “This is chiffe, you put me on the spot, i

wasn’t ready, now i’m like… no.. no way.”



“its gotta be on the spot man, uh its a collective project between some  guys who are uhhh. uhhh. balancing.. uhh, school with extreme.. yea.. with extremee. I dont f**king know man.”





Describe the lifestyle of the crew.





Patrick :

“I don’t know man (Ben cuts in, “LETS DO MINE.. PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR”)

.that is some bullshit man… durp durp durp.. OBA.. durp. “



“hahaha you live it brother.

Strictly school and Jesus”

Ben ho:

“We like to go n’ get it”

Ben Easson:

“We like to hang out, ride some extreme things..

Party on the weekends, its all about the college life.”


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