The popularity of skating in Nova Scotia comes in waves.  I have been involved in the Nova Scotian skate scene since the year 2002 , and over the past decade I have had the chance to see the sport evolve into where we see ourselves today .  Our local park in Wolfville NS, held the very first skateboarding camp in Atlantic Canada which is something i am very proud to say.  I was 12 years old when I attended that very first camp, it was pretty jokes. However as i grew older communication between youth and our communities broke down and resulted in the skate devolution of our time.  Problems such as the Helmet Law created conflicts of interest.

Skateboarding in Nova Scotia has recently turned a new leaf,  instead of oppressing the youth, parents and government are starting to realize that skateboarding is an actual sport not just a hobby associated with the wrong crowd.  Communities are working with youth all over the province  to manifest action plans to create new skate parks and promote the sport.  This is very exciting for people like me who are getting the chance to see the skate scene re-born in the Maritimes.

Here I will keep an updated Slide show of local Skate Spots

In the near future there will be an updated profile of every park we come across.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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