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Nova Scotia Surfing

Surfing in Nova Scotia is relatively young, having only really began in the late sixties. It wasn’t until 2006 that I started, and since then I have developed a true appreciation not only for the sport, but for the ocean as well. These few pictures give you a taste of what the maritime surfing scene is all about, remote and uncrowded. Since this is the beginning of our project these pictures aren’t anything special, just a few shots from over the past couple years. We are going to post new surfing footy year round so look forward to more pictures and some videos this winter, hopefully by then I’ll make it my goal to get plenty of footage.

until then,

Adam Fraser

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First Go at Longboarding

This year at Acadia University our buddy Zak met Adam Fraser in rec management, Adam got us all really into longboarding.  I’ve been skating for almost a decade and thought it was going to be super lax, but this sport  is on another level.  It turned out that there were quite a few smooth hills right here in vegas, and even burlier ones on the north and south mountains. We all had our fair share of bails, but Adam puts er in the rhubarbs going the speed limit, good thing he was wearing a dome piece.   Here are a couple edits we made in the fall.  Check it out

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